Antique Furniture Value

The first thing that most antique people are interested – is the VALUE of antique! You might ask why, but the answer lies in the question. Antiques are antiques, if they offer great value and contribution to owner. Most of the time antique value is determined by supply and demand on the market.Supply and demand is simple. You have something very old and unique, preserved if possible, you have yourself a true antique furniture of great money worth. As you may know the world of antiques is vast. Finding antique that offers uniqueness, quality and age is not an easy task.The first steps should be determining the type of antique, after that head for the most respected style (Victorian, Queen Anne, French, German, Holland, and lots more). After that go for it. Try to get yourself antique that brings satisfaction for your needs. The info that you were collecting should give you an edge when making a deal. Useful informations such as: antique American furniture is much more rare than English antique furniture. One fact that confirms my words is that most of valuable antiques from American history are in museums or in private collectors hands. And as we learned earlier, rarity does effect the demand and in the final cut the asking price.So you must be asking yourself what am I looking for? Just to give an example try to look for an alternative. The one like 17th century furniture from the States that looks like English antique furniture crafted 50 years earlier. Why? Because it looks remarkably similar. This time lag continues throughout the majority of the 18th century. The vast majority of the settlers of the New World were from England. It’s only natural they would copy the fashionable furniture of that country.Now how to determine your furniture value? It is quite easy to determine the antiques provenance and condition, but when it comes to rarity and quality are quite hard for even the most cunning minds out there. I do not mean that for a novice antique hunter this is impossible. But I am saying that it is more time consumable. In order to get those two demands in line you need lot and lots of research and maybe even expert help advice. Needless to say that I forgot patina, color and finish as a secondary criteria for determining the antiques furniture value. As you can se many factors can make your antique priced more or even less that you might have thought. Keep in mind on suggestions such as: – vigorous carving on a piece of American Chippendale antique furniture generally increases its value – keep in mind that more ornate design need more handwork, thus increasing its value as well – delicate additions and fancy framework gives also some edge when it comes to price – size is not always advantage, if antique furniture is too big than it loses desirability a so on.When trying to find valuable antique furniture think also on its usability not just beauty that is my advice to bring with you when going to antique hunting. Most information on antiques you can get from the specialized forums and discussion board or even few good sites. Bear in mind that experience wise you can always use some additional help from an antique expert.All in all, your antique findings are going to be the product of your research and overall involvement. The stuff from assessing the condition of antique to determining authenticity, thus in order to get a good bargain you need to know the market supply and demand.